Healthy Aging Market Overview

10:30am CT (Chicago)

This overview will take a look at the Healthy Aging space via Natural Marketing Institute’s proprietary approach toward market segmentation. NMI’s data yields actionable insights for companies seeking to address this booming market.

Speaker: Diane Ray
Moderator: Hank Schultz

Omega-3 supplementation: Challenges and opportunities for the super fat essential to healthy aging

11:15am CT (Chicago)

BASF examines the challenges faced by aging consumers, particularly in relation to the intake and absorption of dietary supplements, the role of new absorption technologies in helping consumers age healthily, and suggestions on what the industry needs to do to get more omega-3 to more healthy aging consumers.

Speaker: Chris Howell
Support Speaker: Per-Olof Larsson

Nutrient in Motion – How AstaReal® Astaxanthin Propels Mobility, Cognition, and Vision in an Aging Society

12:00pm CT (Chicago)

Healthy aging is a public health objective and a personal goal for an ever-growing number of Americans. Maintaining optimal physical, mental, and social well-being calls for a suite of lifestyle habits that address the aging body’s specific needs. Good mobility, cognitive function, and vision in later years are strong determinants of quality of life and healthspan.

AstaReal® Astaxanthin supports mitochondrial function and crosses both blood-brain and blood-retinal barriers to support aging muscles, brain, and eyes as they face physiological decline associated with atrophy, higher levels of free radicals, and chronic inflammation. AstaReal® Astaxanthin is clinically proven to boost the effect of functional training as we age in order to support muscle strength, endurance, and combat age-related muscle loss. Natural astaxanthin has also been shown to support reaction times and cognitive function, as well as dynamic focus, ocular blood flow, and antioxidant capacity in aging eyes. This seminar will highlight the evidence supporting natural astaxanthin as a key nutrient for healthy aging and it’s role in preventative healthcare.

Speaker: Karen Hecht, PhD

Water Soluble Components Of Turmeric For Joint Health

12:45pm CT (Chicago)

Turmeric is one of the ancient herbs used for various purposes with significance in medicine, culinary and cosmetics. Most of the studies on Turmeric emphasized on curcuminoids, whereas, during our research appreciable benefits were observed in the water-soluble components of Turmeric, called Turmerosaccharides™. This formed the basis to develop a novel ingredient called Turmacin®.
Turmerosaccharides™ are the major bioactive polysaccharides of Turmacin® that are responsible for its joint health benefits. Turmacin® has many published pre- clinical and clinical evidence. It was clinically studied on humans for joint health through WOMAC, VAS and CGI scores.
The mechanism of action of Turmacin® is studied in-vitro and in-vivo in joint and cartilage. Thus, Turmacin® offers exciting opportunities in the application of the water-soluble fraction of Turmeric for joint health management.

Speaker: Deepak Mundkinajeddu, PhD

Discover Resveratrol for Brain Health and Beyond

1:30pm CT (Chicago)

As we age, maintaining healthy circulation, especially in the brain, is important. Supplementation with vasoactive nutrients (i.e. bioactive ingredients that boost blood flow) is a key strategy for healthy aging. One of the most potent vasoactive nutrients is resveratrol, a polyphenol produced by some plants.

Ingredient innovator Evolva expands clinical research and provides manufacturers with innovative solutions with its Veri-te™ resveratrol. Cutting edge research will be presented.

Participants will learn about new science that points to supplementation with Veri-te™ resveratrol as a key strategy for the design of effective supplements that support healthy aging. Results from Northumbria University and The University of Newcastle highlighting improved cognitive performance will be reviewed.

Speakers: Johannes Haerle, PhDSally Aaron
Moderator: David Tetzlaf

The Future Of Healthy Aging

2:15pm CT (Chicago)

Our panel of experts will have a wide ranging discussion of the issues and opportunities in the sector with a special focus on cognitive health and the advent of new nootropic ingredients.

Speakers: Claudia LewisMarc BrushMark JS Miller, PhDSusan Hazels Mitmesser, PhD
Moderator: Hank Schultz